There are many sites to see within the local vicinity:

North Weald Airfield Museum

The museum is housed in the former RAF North Weald Station Office. It is adjacent to what was the main entrance to this former Battle of Britain Fighter Station.
North Weald Airfield Museum is about people. It's about the service personnel and civilians, who have lived, worked, flown, fought and died here since the airfield opened in 1916.
The museum sets out to tell their story of a famous airfield that has protected London during two world wars.
The story is told in displays, with photographs, artifacts and personal memories. A particular feature of the museum is the detailed history of the airfield, from the time it opened until the RAF left in 1964. It is without doubt one of the best documented former RAF stations.

Epping Forest District Museum

This museum tells the story of the people who have lived and worked in this part of west Essex from the earliest inhabitants to the present. Housed in a building dating to 1520.
Exhibitions vary from permanent ones with archeological finds to changing exhibitions that change every three months. There is also a museum shop.


For those wishing to improve their handicap, Epping has a number of Golf Courses to choose from.
If you prefer a more cultural stay, why not visit the local high-street and savour the Local Life around Epping.
Epping Forest
Epping Forest has a huge number of leisure and sporting activities available to suit everyone.

  • Cycling
  • Horse riding in Essex
  • Rambling
  • Orienteering
  • Mountain biking
  • Model aero plane flying on Chigwell Plain
  • Or some good old-fashioned walking
  • Pub crawl
Unmissable Hidden Gems for Your West Essex Road Trip

If you’re a planning a road trip to West Essex, particularly the Epping Forest area, there are already a great many things to see and do (not least that big city they call London). But there are also plenty of hidden gems that you may miss too. That’s why we thought it’d be good idea to jot down just a few of these treasures for you to explore on your next Epping Forest road trip.
So without further ado, let’s get started.

Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey

For over 300 years, gunpowder was actually produced at the Royal Gunpowder Mills in Waltham Abbey. Originally there were three of these locations across the UK, but this one is the only one to have survived in practically complete condition. There are still re-enactments that take place at the Mills today, and it’s a great spot to visit if you have any interest in the UK’s military history. The site dates back to the early 17th Century, so the fact that it still have people visiting every day even now is a real testament to its longevity. It has 21 acres of parkland which is now enjoyed by families, couples and visitors from all walks of life. The Secret Island attraction based there is also brilliant for young children (and will actually teach them something, too). This one comes highly recommended for all. Plan your day out now.

Epping Ongar Railway, North Weald

Fancy leaving your car behind for just a few hours? Then why not hop onto the Epping Ongar railway? The Epping Ongar railway is one of the UK’s remaining steam railways and a real favourite with locals. As a heritage railway, it’s actually run by local residents and so is always packed with friendly folks full of local knowledge. It dates back all the way to 1865 and has been opened and closed since then quite a few times. Now there are trains that run once or twice an hour during weekends and public bank holidays. You can take a relaxing trip to Coopersale, North Weald, Ongar and beyond. All in all it’s well worth a trip! Learn more about the railway.

Hangman’s Hill, High Beech, Epping Forest

This wouldn’t be a local hotspots guide without a ghost story thrown in for good measure! If you head down to High Beech, a pretty little spot nestled inside Epping Forest (on the way to Loughton), you’ll come across what many refer to as Hangman’s Hill. The reason? If you put your car into neutral and let it sit on the uphill path, it will actually roll upwards – or at least appear to do so. Remember: only try this in very clear conditions when you are 100% sure there is no other traffic around, and of course when you have full vehicle cover in Great Britain (you just never know when a pesky ghost will mess with your engine!). The spot is actually a gravity hill, and the car appears to roll upwards due to the angle of the trees growing on the roadside. Still, it’s an amazing sight to see! Oh, and the fact that it’s not really haunted means you can relax about that motor insurance too!

Waltham Abbey Gardens, Waltham Abbey

It’s not every day that you find a little dash of paradise in a place so close to the big city of London, but Waltham Abbey Gardens and Cornmill Meadows certainly fits the bill. Set on the site of one of the largest Augustinian abbeys in the UK, the gardens have always been kept to a very high standard, making them not only beautiful to walk through, but also of interest to anyone who likes a bit of history! The gardens and Cornmill Meadows are also known for their populations of dragonflies and damselflies, so if you go at the right time of year you can enjoy the wildlife there too. Plus there’s a bird hide so you can see some of the area’s most fascinating avian varieties! Find out more about this spot.
West Essex is full to the brim with history and things to see and do – all you need to do is look below the surface to discover something truly amazing… and memorable too!

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